Set 'em Up & Knock 'em Down

by John with James Rolwing

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This song was written about the rhythm of stand up comedy & other forms of live performance.


Set 'em Up & Knock 'em Down

-----( 1st verse )------------------------
You’re such a crack up
drinking beer out of a plastic cup

Slapstick is my bag
a banana peel or a good spit gag

And just my luck
i know how it feels to suck

A rolling stone gathers no moss
or a tomato that was tossed
( G, F, C, G )/// ( Bb, F, G )

-----( 2nd verse )------------------------
Four beats to a bar
will get you on their radar

I have a hunch
it’s one, two, three, punch

Don't forget to pause
if you have to clench your jaws

You shine so bright
then you have to say goodnight
( G, F, C, G )/// ( Bb, F, G )

-----( chorus )------------------------
It should be enough
to just do your good stuff

When putting on a seminar
or a riff on the guitar

It really hits the spot
when they howl at the rim shot

Laughter is the perfect sound
so set 'em up & knock 'em down
( Dm, Am, E7, Am)////

-----( 3rd verse )------------------------
Makin’ some music
with an Albuquerque beatnik

Bring others delight
from something you write

When your hands are clapping
while flamenco dancing

And you get a free lunch
if it plays on Sunday brunch
( G, F, C, G )/// ( Bb, F, G )
( back to chorus )


James Rolwing ( bass, electric & acoustic guitar, piano, production )
John Simmons ( lyrics, ukulele, vocals )



all rights reserved


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