Rock Star in My Mind

by John with David Wilt

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This song was written about being a street musician with aspirations.



-----( 1st verse)-----
Maybe you don't know who i am
but you could still be my biggest fan
Winter, spring, summer, or fall
i cover john, george,
ringo, and paul

But, i can only go so far
playin’ a pawn shop guitar
Ain't life supposed to be fun
even if it's just my imagination
( C#m, B, A ) ( E, A, B ) // ( A )

I'm a rock star in my mind
yea, rock star in my mind
I’m a legend, i’m a one of a kind
i’m a, rock star in my mind
( E ) // ( A ) // ( E )

-----( 2nd verse)-----
Fame’s not quite what
i thought it would be
playin’ at the downtown library
With no exchanging of high fives
or a big crowd there to catch me,
on a stage dive

I can send you a personal invite
when i become a success overnight
But now, i’m just the average joe
not elvis, mick, jimi, or bono no
( to Chorus )

-----( 3rd verse)-----
Although i’m still having a ball
rockin’ a busy indoor mall
Well, you know when i’m out the door
i’ll be shopping for my clothes,
at the local thrift store

And this is something you can do
yea, you could be a rock star too
You might not say i got it made
but come out and join me, on the charade
you can be a

-----( final chorus )-----
Rock star in your mind
yea, rock star in your mind
You're a legend,
you're a one of a kind
You're a, rock star in your mind


released February 18, 2013
David Wilt ( rhythm, lead, and bass guitar, harmony, recording )
Photo courtesy of: John Rosner
John Simmons ( lyrics, rhythm guitar, vocals, percussion )



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