Meeting of The Bored

by John with James Rolwing

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This song was written while keeping the minutes at a board meeting



-----( 1st verse )------------
Welcome aboard
to the meeting of the bored

Wipe your feet on the mat
when stepping up to bat

Think of all you can achieve
with what you choose to believe

Like so many grains of sand
if you think you can
Am//// //// Dm//// Am////
Let them know what you think
with a nudge and a wink

When you’re the head honcho
an acre of lawn to mow

Feels great to be adored
one who cannot be ignored

Just so you pay your dues
when it’s time to renew
Em//// Dm//// Am//// Em//// (Am/Em)

-----( 2nd verse )------------
Your private jet's
another company asset

Honor among shipmates
is what we’re here to facilitate

Lend a helping hand
with a chair for the chairman

Got the get up and go
of a pitchman for Ronco
Am//// //// Dm//// Am////
From the school of hard knocks
to monogrammed dress socks

Dinners in suit and tie
with a shaken gin martini dry

Such a great guy
which nobody can deny

But, you can never win with just punts
and there’s no such thing as a free lunch
Em//// Dm//// Am//// Em//// (Am/Em)

-----( 3rd verse )------------
Dial in a conference call
for the meeting in the fall

Be sure you get the memo
and get used to saying no

It’s a feeling in the gut
closing a deal over a putt

Whenever we hold court
at a weekend resort
Am//// //// Dm//// Am////
Developing your brand
requires the purchase of some land

Living behind a gate
dragging home alone late

Is anything meaningful
when your cup is always full

Remember when you were young
when this used to be fun
Em//// Dm//// Am//// Em//// (Am/Em)


released September 8, 2015
James Rolwing (bass, electric guitar, piano, drum, production)
John Simmons ( lyrics, ukulele, shakers, wrench )



all rights reserved


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