I Call You El Gato Negro

by John with David Wilt

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This song was written about a black cat named Pitch



-----( verse 1 )-----
My mother calls you Smarty
cause you’re sharp as a tack
Johnny calls you Cash
cause you’re the cat in black
Kelly calls you Killer
when you’re on the attack
( Em7, A7, Dmaj7 ) /// B7

Now Joel calls you Coal
cause you’re a cute little lump
Smitty says bad kitty
and smacks you on the rump
For you life’s a box of chocolates
just like Forrest Gump
( Em7, A7, Dmaj7 ) /// B7

-----( chorus )-----
But I call you El Gato Negro
( G, Bm, E7 )

You’re from the barrios of Espanola
with your black fur coat
and you’re avocado eyes
With you there’s no disguise, oh no
( Em7, A7, Dmaj7 ) /// B7

-----(verse 2 )-----
Vicky calls you Veggie
cause you don’t eat meat
Leanne calls you Licorice
cause you’re so nice and sweet
and Nate calls you Ninja
cause you always land on your feet
( Em7, A7, Dmaj7 ) /// B7

Yea, Ryan calls you Lion
cause of your big sharp teeth
Shelly rubs your belly
you turn over like a leaf
my brothers call you Covers
cause you always like to hide beneath
( Em7, A7, Dmaj7 ) /// B7
( to chorus )

-----(verse 3 )-----
So, my sisters call you Snuggles
when winter time nears
My father says your ferocious
cause you have no fears
and Willie whistles at you
cause you always perk up your ears
( Em7, A7, Dmaj7 ) /// B7

Okay, Tony calls you Tigger
cause of the way you leap
Lizzie says your lazy
cause you so like to sleep
and Kaylie calls you quiet
cause you hardly make a peep
( Em7, A7, Dmaj7 ) /// B7
( to chorus )


released July 9, 2010
David Wilt ( lead guitar, recording )
John Simmons ( lyrics, rhythm guitar, vocals )



all rights reserved


John Simmons Local Troubadour Albuquerque, New Mexico

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