Hey Look at Me

by John with David Wilt

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This song is about the undying need for attention of performers.



-----( 1st verse )-------------------------
A house call from Dr. Seuss
for you, I am here to amuse
Not afraid to look like a fool
it's an everyday ritual
I don't have to be the best
if I can just pass your test
Lord, it's hard to be humble
behind a bowl of fruit I could juggle
Can do a double back flip
at you, straight from the hip
Always keeping my cool
diving into a pool
( D, A, Bm, G ) ( D, A, D ) //

-----( chorus )----------------------------------------
Hey there, won't you look at me
the center of attention as you can see
Spent my whole lifetime on this quest
without a moments rest
( F#m, Bm ) /// ( E7, A7 )

------( 2nd verse )-------------------------
I can tell you some jokes
for all the laughter I can soak
Now don't be cruel
out there on your bar stool
It's only in jest
where I come from out west
I'm playin' round town
in my Thrift Town button downs
When the place is packed
my mind gets hijacked
There’s no time to be shy
up on stage, where I'm high
( D, A, Bm, G ) ( D, A, D ) //
( to chorus )

-----( 3rd verse )-------------------------
The secret to my success
if I were to take a guess
To see your smiling faces
on a one to one basis
Stepping up to the mound
for your entertainment value, per pound
You may ask me why
I leave you no place to hide
Always workin' my new schtick
for me it's intrinsic
A simple inquiry
how can I make you love me
( D, A, Bm, G ) ( D, A, D )
( to chorus )


released August 2, 2013
David Wilt ( lead & bass guitar, production )
John Simmons ( lyrics, rhythm guitar, percussion, vocals )



all rights reserved


John Simmons Local Troubadour Albuquerque, New Mexico

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