Going on a Job Interview

by John with James Rolwing

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This song was written about the experience of going on job interviews.


Job interviews are like first dates
let's see what we can negotiate

It feels not quite right in your guts
and they always know in the first five minutes

For this i polished off the dirt
and ironed my best button down shirt

Whatever path i choose to pursue
today, i’m going on a job interview

=====( first verse )==========
I’ve been fixing up my resume
to be an office worker by day

Running with an unemployed mob
as it is my job is looking for a job

Please take me for a fool
while i’m still employable

Anything sounds wonderful
after a seven month lull

=====( second verse )==========
My cover letter clearly indicates
what makes me such a good candidate

You can say whatever you want
all typed up in twelve point Helvetica font

My references will attest
i’m above average at best

To the trained eye
i could be just the right guy

=====( third verse )==========
It’s quiet as an ancient tomb
sitting here in the conference room

So cold my fingers are blue
holding a complimentary can of mountain dew

I’m a worthy recipient
for this long term commitment

But i’m breaking into a sweat
i might say something i would regret

=====( fourth verse )==========
I always assume
they’ll be singing the same old tune

They’ll ask me what are your strengths
well, i’m never the first one to blink

What are your weaknesses
is there anything you would like to confess?

And this has become nothing less
than an unending quest


released October 24, 2016
James Rolwing (keybouard, bass, horns, snap track, guitar, production)
John Simmons ( lyrics, vocals, tambourine )




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