Dollar Movie

by John with David Wilt

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This song was written about the experience of going to the Dollar Movie on a hot summer day



-----( Verse 1 )-----
There's nothing on TV
got no DVD
Had to get out of the house
not feel like such a louse

Something to get up and do on a lazy summer afternoon
i don't care if it's just a cartoon
It's worth it for the air conditioning alone
always puts me in the comfort zone
Chillin' at the dollar movie
( Am, Dm )////

-----( Chorus )-----
The dollar movie
i get my shoes goey from the soda and the chewies
Takes just a handful of change
man that's pretty groovy
( F, C )/// D

-----( Verse 2 )-----
The young man up front with the laser pen
the old man slumped over with the bottle of gin
The crying baby way in the back
he wishes he were home hittin' the sack

Maybe it's one you saw before
can join the kids sneaking in the exit door
Don't have ten bucks for a hot dog, and soda
got a sandwich in my lunch box with a picture of Yoda

-----( Refrain )-----
Not the movie that i really wanted to see
is this the man that i wanted to be
here at... ( to Chorus )
( G, D, C, G )


released August 24, 2012
David Wilt ( lead guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, recording )
Photo courtesy of Justin Simenson
John Simmons ( vocals, percussion )



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