City Bus Gal

by John with David Wilt

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This is an original song written about the joys of riding the city bus... dedicated to my sweet city bus gal Leanne


City Bus Gal

-----( CHORUS )-----
Got me a city bus gal
she's my best pal
She hasn't bought a gallon of gas
since she got her first bus pass
she's my city bus gal
( G, C )/////

-----( 1st VERSE )-----
We learned all we need to know
riding the city bus
We'll get there without a fuss
no need to cuss
( C, F )//
She's a little new age
so, she don't worry 'bout road rage
( G, F, C )
She don't care that i got no ride
it's not even a matter of pride
( C, F )//
Open up a good book
or take a good look
with my city bus gal
( G, F, C )

to chorus

-----( 2nd VERSE )-----
She's not looking
for the leader of the pack
We can cuddle up tight
way in the back
( C, F )//
Open up the window
we'll be nappin' in the breeze
she puts me at ease
( G, F, C )
We don't ever drink and drive
we're in no hurry
We'll get there when we arrive
( C, F )//
Goin' with the flow
and taking it slow
with my city bus gal
( G, F, C )

to chorus


released March 19, 2012
David Wilt ( lead & bass guitar, ukulele, harmonies, production )
Photo courtesy of: Leanne Yanabu:
John Simmons ( rhythm guitar, percussion, vocals )



all rights reserved


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