A Meal Out of The Deal

by John with David Wilt

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This song is for Leanne and all the wonderful gourmet dinners.



-----( first verse )-----
Flown from the nest
on a righteous quest
Cruising up and down main
in the no passing lane

Flying without a net
this is true, and yet
The balance keeps me sane
the beast we all must tame
I find myself adrift
to Beethoven’s fifth
Following the ripple
looking for a loophole

Going through this again
wrestling with the wind
Soaring like a bird
is what I would've preferred
( Em ) ( A, D,Em ) ////

-----( chorus )-----
All that you can get
in a life you can’t reset
No time to unpack
all possessions that you lack

This is the key
it’s not on your TV
With the kindness that you wield
you get a meal out of the deal
( C, G ) /// ( D, Em )

-----( second verse )-----
The way that we met
is one I won’t forget
On a grocery run
for everything under the sun

I have a hand to lend
get you back on the mend
But I’m always on my guard
crossing hometown boulevard
You know, it’s not so bizarre
livin' here without a car
We'll take a morning ride
and won’t need no guide

You and me have come to be we
cleaning up after the party
Busy washing dishes
blowing you sweet kisses

( Em ) ( A, D,Em ) ////
( back to chorus )

-----( third verse )-----
In you I confide
from way deep inside
When you get me to talkin'
the direction that you're walkin'

So, I put in my bid
with the people I'm amid
Up through the sand we will sift
each other we can uplift
Working in the yard
was never supposed to be hard
Out weeding in the garden
you're a master of Zen

Eternally grateful
and keeping it simple
Leave it up to me
singin' loud and hearty
( Em ) ( A, D,Em ) ////
( back to chorus )


released July 29, 2013
David Wilt ( lead & bass guitar, production ) www.reverbnation.com/davidwilt
Photo courtesy of: Leanne Yanabu: www.olopua.com
John Simmons ( lyrics, rhythm guitar, percussion, vocals )



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